Canè : a culinary tradition

We have two rooms

and a beautiful outdoor terrace with a breathtaking view

Restaurant Canè – Dozza

The gastronomic tradition of Canè Restaurant

The gastronomic tradition of Canè Restaurant
For the restaurant service we have two inside halls and an enchanting outside terrace with a breathtaking view.
The wider inside hall is perfect for ceremonies, and it can fit up to one hundred people. It is a non-smoking room and it is fully air-conditioned with a constant change of air. The other inside hall has arches and handmade columns in stone, it can fit up to 50 people and it is a smoking area.

During the period APRIL – SEPTEMBER the restaurant service takes place in a beautiful terrace, from which our guests can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view. You can have a view of the images in the “photo gallery” of our site.

The typical dishes of the restaurant belong to the cuisine of the Italian region Emilia-Romagna, where great attention is given to first courses. As for second courses the most striking one is the spicy grilled chicken cooked barbecued with wood, the speciality of the house.
Prices are highly competitive and the quality-price ratio is excellent.
You are kindly invited to contact us, enquire about prices or estimates for small and big groups.

This is a selection of our starters:
– smoked round carpaccio (thinly sliced raw meat, specially fillet) seasoned with a cancassé of fresh tomatoes, basil and rocket
– pork loin seasoned with vegetable vinaigrette;
– smoked swordfish with hot bread ;
– country salad seasoned with aromatic vinegar.


Among our fist courses you will find :
– Tortellini bolognesi in capon broth ;
– Taglioline with pore mushrooms ;
– Green gnocchetti (potato dumplings) with mascarpone sauce, blue
cheese and nuts ;
– Tagliatelle with ham pasta sauce.


As for the second courses we suggest :
– spicy grilled chicken and roasted rabbit according to ancient recipes ;
– sliced fillet steak with extra virgin olive oil rosemary-scented ;
– mixed fry of vegetables (not battered) with courgettes,
aubergines, potatoes and sweet creams.

For those who have a sweet tooth and are looking for mouth-watering desserts, we suggest waffles filled with cold mascarpone and seasoned with hot chocolate, coffee and zabaglione semifreddo (Italian dessert which is served cold), panna cotta with caramel sugar and cassata cake containing ricotta cheese, chocolate and candied fruits.

The list of wines includes more than 180 labels, one third of which are wines of Emilia-Romagna region, a dozen French wines and the remaining represent the other Italian regions.

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