Canè : our history

The Hotel Restaurant Canè born in 1928

establishing itself as one of the historic region restaurants

Hotel Restaurant Canè – Dozza –

Hotel Restaurant Canè was born in 1928

The Hotel Restaurant Cané was opened in 1928 and it is considered one of the historical hotel restaurants of the area. It managed to keep up with the times renovating the quality of its services while keeping the gastronomic tradition of the region and the hospitality untouched. The ability to stay in tune with the needs of its customers and give them what they are looking for in terms of quality and services, constitute still today the points of strength of this structure that has been consolidating its position over the years. The Hotel Restaurant was established by Giulio Canè who managed beautifully the Hotel and the Restaurant from 1928 up to 1959 and the place took the name from his family. During those years the place was a point of reference for many people who loved to meet for pleasant moments and refreshment. From 1960 the hotel was managed by Giuliano Carreri (Giulio Cané’s son-in-law), who, helped by his family, could run the entire structure with great ability until 1983, when the hotel-restaurant was managed by the Gaddoni family. In December 2001 the Gaddoni family bought also the property. The willingness to offer its customers an increasingly better service took its shape in January 2002 when the Gaddoni family started the renovation works of the entire complex. Today as in the past the hotel restaurant Canè is an enchanting meeting place for the pleasure of body and mind.

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